13. Dig Faster

I never noticed in myself the things that made me bipolar.  I thought I was depressed, then at times not depressed.  My “not depressed” times were categorized by binge drinking, never sleeping, making sure absolutely everyone absolutely knew how supremely awesome and powerful I was, a constant awareness that everyone was out to get me, and apparently I also talk very fast.

 I thought all of that was fine and dandy.  Even after I was diagnosed as bipolar, I figured sometimes I was just all better.  And those better times were categorized by the behavior above.  I mean of COURSE I was irritated.  People are stupid, right?

One day, Martha explained to me DIGFAST.





Flight of ideas



Euphoria with any three of these, or irritability with any four, and it’s a good time to talk to a mental health professional.
And it was all clearer then. 


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