17. A moment in time

What would be that perfect moment, I’m wondering?

Sometimes I think that moment would be when I am most unaware.  Unaware of my flaws and vulnerability.  My aches and pains.  My bills.  My worries for my child’s future.  Scary things, those.  Scary to be aware of all the things it means to be an adult.  Or even a child.  Everyone has a slew of problems, and to be unaware of them from time to time, occasionally I think that would be the perfect moment.

Sometimes I think it would be when engaged in some all-encompassing activity.  Something outside which the world would disappear.  Be it hard exercise, making love, intense focus on a new design or writing project, or watching a great movie.

Sometimes I don’t think there can be a perfect moment.  Most of the time, in fact, I believe this, and I think this is a positive.

A moment is rigid.  It exists, then it is gone, only to exist in our memory.  I think the closest to perfection we will achieve is in the sequence of actions keeping us constantly in the present.  We will be so aware of our moment, in each moment, that we will know what next step to take.

Each step will not be perfect, and at times we will look too far and choose based outside what we can know, but hopefully, we can come back to that step by step progression.

We aren’t made vulnerable by the things we experience.  They are a part of this step.  And without hitting this step, we will miss the next, and fall.


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