21. Some things I would have missed

I am entering my tenth hour of blogging, so I would like to take this as an intermission from the topic at hand (though it still relates, I promise!) and tell you a bit about my life.  This may be the only post (aside from the very first, and perhaps the very last) on which I will take no poetic license (and I’m not even a licensed poet, badabing!)

I feel good today.  Mentally, physically, the whole package is pretty darn good.  If it hadn’t been, these are the things I would have missed today:

  • I looked down the stairs a few moments ago, and my son had used the potty all on his own, and was taking the small removable tray to dump it out in the bathroom.  He splashed a bit on his fingers, and then wiped his fingers off.   On his face.  (Yes, I then helped him wash his hands and face.)
  • I noticed today that a friend of mine has been irritated with me for awhile.  Because of a back injury a few weeks ago, I’ve been very much in my own head.  Today I was pain free enough to notice that her tone has changed.  Now that I know, I can inquire, and hopefully whatever problem can be resolved.
  • I noticed (as I tend to on every day that I feel well) that my husband is damn sexy and far too awesome.

So those are the three things I’ve gotten to notice thusfar.  What have you noticed today?


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