24. Halfway

The halfway part in this blogathon I think should be symbolic, I’ve made it halfway through this adventure, and should thusly give you something on the theme of being Half way there.

 To me in 2005, on this date, written now in 2007.

Dear  Renee,

I know you.  I’d say you were like a sister to me, but that would be asstarded because you are me, just a few years ago.  And as I know you, I know how you operate.

You’ve been on medications for seven months now, and you are right, these particular ones aren’t doing you much good.  Stick with it.  You will find someone better soon.  You just have to realize you deserve it.

Something very bad is going to happen soon.  I would tell you to be ready for it, but there is no steeling yourself up for the situation to come, and telling you now would only give you things to mull over.  Nothing can be done.  What is going to happen, will happen no matter what.

And that is why I am writing this.  This next hurtle will bring you halway to where you need to be to get where you need to go.  It will not break you.  Please don’t let yourself think you are broken.  You are not now, nor will you ever be.

You can survive everything that comes at you.  If you trust no one, trust me, because if you can’t trust yourself, you are pretty well screwed.

You will not be broken.  And I know you think it now, but crying will not break you.  Those tears will be the only thing to put you back together.

Say hi to the princesses for me (I hope you remember this reference),


And maybe, if we’re lucky, I’ll hear this then as I am saying it now, more than halfway to where I want to be.


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