27. Better than the Dating Game

Figuring out the right mental health professional is better than watching reruns of The Dating Game.

 It is more challenging than finding a lifemate, and the questions are far more entertaining.

“Have you ever tried to commit suicide?”
“Have you ever been addicted to drugs?”
“Do people talk to you in your head?”
“Do you have racing thoughts?”
“How sexually active are you?”

And the questions just keep coming.  By the end you feel like it would have been less invasive to actually strip down, spread your legs, and let them give you a good old fashioned Pap smear.  Actually, I really think I’ve always felt more comfortable with that yearly gynecological visit than I EVER have when being questioned by a brand new mental health professional.

Just once, I want one of them to ask, “If you were a tree, what tree would you be?”

Of course, if I’m manic at that moment, I might smack the crap out of them with their own clipboard if they did that.

But–and I cannot stress this strongly enough–it is worth it.

Answering those questions feels tedious and uncertain to you, but when you find a good practitioner, they will know how to use those answers to help you.  And yes, down the line, there will be more questions, but they will feel less carbon copy, and more like that person gets who you are, and wants to know more.

Don’t settle.  If someone doesn’t click with you, it’s not because you are crazy.  Some people just don’t click.  Some people will NEVER click.  If you can’t trust them, and you feel like they don’t understand you, it will be difficult for you to experience healing in their care.


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