5. Crazy magnet

Magnets work on a principle of opposite polarity.  Negative draw positive and vice versa.

They say opposites attract.

“The Odd Couple” was a popular show.

I’ve found in myself, though, that I don’t work like a regular old sane magnet, I’m a crazy magnet.  Instead of filling the void of sanity in my life by drawing people not living with mental illness to myself, when I’m in public, the crazies come running like I’m a 75% off sale at the wacko store.

It used to really bug me.  Could they tell I was crazy?  Did they think I was crazier than they were, so they wanted to be around me to make themselves feel better?  I mean, dude, who wants to be the most certifiably insane person in the room?  Or what if I am the one making them crazy?  Was I contagious?

It really bothered me.

It occurs to me now, though, with all my batshit insane friends, we needed to find each other.  We needed to see other people living their lives, making their way, not just despite the mental illness, but because of it.  We are in a unique (or maybe not so unique) position to experience growth with the added insight that crazy can bring.

I always thought that my head was bad and wrong, until I met people who thought the same things, felt the same drastic highs and tragic lows.  I could look at them, love them, and let them know they are loved.  I cannot look at any one of my friends and judge them as “bad” or “wrong.”  I learned that I was judging myself too harshly.

By our friendship, we are allowed to know that we are okay.


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