34. Sleep, the ultimate indicator

34. Sleep, the ultimate indicator

I am sitting here thinking, as I am expected to do during this event, about various thinks that relate to mental health.  As I have now had over sixteen hours of blogging fun, an important one is occurring to me.


Sleep is so very important that I am choosing to not sleep to tell you about how important it is.  Sleep is a chance for your body to heal, to make amends with the day past, and prepare for the day ahead.

Sleep is also one fantabulous indicator for how your mental health is hangin’.  Consistently too much above or too little below what you generally need is a good sign that something, somewhere is off kilter.

Unless you are staying up to blog for charity.  Then it’s probably okay, but just once a year.

If you are still awake and are blogging, carry forth!  You are not alone!

If you are still awake and not blogging, go to bed!


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