35. Zen and the Art of Maintaining a Sense of Humor

Though most of my thoughts in the past . . . sheesh . . . seventeen hours have been of a more serious variety, it may have slipped through around the perimeter that I don’t take myself very seriously on a day to day basis.  If it hasn’t, we can pretty much assume that I’m mostly funny in my head.  This is acceptable to me.

There are very few things in life about which there is nothing funny.  Well, lots of things aren’t funny, but even more things are.  Even though mental illness as a subject isn’t laugh-out-loud material, some of the day to day aspects kinda are if you look at them in the right light.

It’s not reasonable to spend every moment waiting for the next punchline, but I advise realizing it when one is readily available.

You can choose to take your life seriously, or you can choose to pay attention to the delightfully absurd things that are happening, if not to you, then around you.

If you wish to choose the latter, you can find me.  I’ll be the jackass cracking myself up in the corner.


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