38. Your rights

As a person with a mental illness, you have a lot of rights.  There are plenty of places to find those, so I won’t bother posting them here.  These are some rights based on my observations.

 You have the right:

  1. To be upset if someone uses your illness against you when they are trying to make a point.
  2. To stay away from people who create chaos in your life.
  3. To advocate for your needs on a personal, local, state, and federal level.
  4. To correct negative assumptions your loved ones may have about your diagnosis.
  5. To keep looking until you find a mental health professional that is right for you.
  6. To research therapies (both standard and alternative) that may fit your lifestyle.
  7. To change your mind.
  8. To lead a full life.
  9. To deny any perceptions you have of yourself that will hinder your ability to heal and grow.
  10. To party.  Within legally defined limits.


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