45. Reflection

Renee sat out back.

She liked her back yard, because it was quiet, and reminded her of camping even though she lived in the city.  The property owner beyond her back yard came from old money, and could afford his large in-city home and land, and that meant there were no other people she could see, no roads, just a fence leading to his personal forest.

It gave her time to reflect.  An activity that she didn’t engage in often, but had managed to do nearly every thirty minutes for the past twenty-two hours.  And realized.

With all things, there is a balance.

A balance between weak and strong.

A balance between highs and lows.

A balance between reflecting on one’s life and staying out of one’s own head.

She had never been very good at balance.

All or nothing and impulse to spare.

It was getting better though.

She was getting better in many ways.


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