46. I may have covered this

I had not expected when I signed up for this event the number of insights it would bring to me.I do not know how you, the few who have stuck with me, feel.  I hope you feel the same way and that something I have said has in some way given you a greater understanding of someone in your life.  I’d love if that person was you, or anyone you know.  Hell, I’d be just spanky if it were someone you might run into on the street one day and have a moment of pause before you allow your head to fill up with the same negative perceptions you’ve always had.

And we’ve always had them.   It was vital for our ancestor’s survival to have these biases.  We would not as a species still be kicking around if we didn’t try to keep the crazy out of the gene pool, and then keep the crazy away from our family.

A lot has changed, though, and there is more space in our modern society for compassion.

And that compassion needs to start in yourself.  For yourself.

Even if I haven’t said a single thing in the past forty-five entries to which you could relate (and yes, I realize some of the late 30s and early 40s are total gibberish) you still need to find compassion for yourself.

I did not realize until entry twenty-five last night that I was lacking a compassion for myself that I have quite readily had for others, and realizing that, and making a step towards change . . . I feel much lighter.

And I hope I’ve done the same for you.


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