48. A note about content

In these writings, I have tried to stay as true to my first- and secondhand experiences with mental illness as I possibly can, with one notable exception:  Sexual activity.

I wanted these entries to be as accessible as possible to a wide range of readers, and thusly felt that it was a justifiable omission for the intent.  There are, of course, some indicators of bipolar disorder and depression marked by drastic changes in sexual behavior, and there is plenty of information out there about this.  I hope if you have concerns, you will seek out this information from a reliable, unbiased source.

Also, though I tried to make as many entries as possible applicable to a higher number of mental illnesses, in the end, my experience is with Bipolar disorder, and I felt more comfortable staying in this range.  Suggested topics for these short essays included Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Post-partum depression, but I felt that any attempt I could make at retelling those experiences would be hollow and unfair, as I have not felt them myself.  Those are stories meant to be told by the ones living with those diseases, and I do not wish to take that opportunity away from them.

I hope that the gaps in content have not led you to believe that you are alone in this.  Even if I did not discuss your specific experience, I am confident you can draw the universal parallels that exist just by so many of us sharing this struggle together.


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