Hello world!

This will be my second attempt at finding a home for my words. Within, you will find the Blogathon 2007 entries that previously resided at http://genreimpaired.squarespace.com, a site that will soon go down forever.

In time, I hope to use this space for a variety of writing experiments, but for the moment, its primary function will be to host those entries as I work up the courage to edit and compile them into a book on the subject of destigmatizing mental illness.

If you are interested in obtaining the unedited entries bound in paperback, they are available for a short time on Lulu.com at this handy dandy direct link. If I ever raise enough money through Lulu for them to actually cut me a check, the proceeds will go to DBSA. There is also an option to buy the e-book version, but honestly, with the entries here (and I do hope this will be a semi-permanent home until I can afford to start my own site) there isn’t much point in that.

For those of you that supported my blogathon efforts with your sponsorship, thank you so much. I will be sending out thank you cards soon. If you would like your website linked here, please let me know and when I figure out how to do it, I will add it.

For those of you who were unable or uninterested in donating, I hope that you gained some level of understanding about mental illness either in yourself, or in those around you.


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