On the verge of a breakthrough

I began revising the novel today that I have affectionately dubbed, “Sandy’s Adventure” for lack of a better title.

It is broken beyond belief, but not beyond repair I am finding as I read through it.

I haven’t yet hit the zone that allows me to work for hours on end (I keep taking livejournal and potty breaks) but I feel like I am on the edge of that.  Within a day or two, I think I will be able to fully plow into it.  Hopefully this will come right at the time when I can afford to buy the printer ink to print out the rest of it for redlining.

I am, for the first time in a long time, excited about trying very hard to be a writer.  I will hold onto this as tightly as I can, but with a soft enough hand that this dream can breathe a bit.

Day 2, and no rejection yet on my story.  Only 58 more days to go until I hear something.

With love,



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