Time for Change

This is the year of change for me.

I dropped back in my coursework to save my mental and physical health.

I am going to the gym at least three days per week.

I am being more mindful of the things I eat.

But then there’s the important one:

I am trying to write more, edit more, and attempt to succeed in some small way with my writing.

Starting today, I will be spending three hours per day working on writing.  The first hour is dedicated to new material, the second two hours will be dedicated to revising old material.  I need to get a novel shopping, or I’m never going to feel like I really gave writing a good solid go, and this would disappoint me greatly.

The problem I am having today is deciding what new things to work on for an hour, then HOW to edit for the next two.  I don’t have any ideas aching to break free right now, and staring at any of my so-called manuscripts make me just see how much more work they need.

I think I also need to change the way I go about writing initial drafts, as they come out more flawed than I would like to start with.  I’m not sure that will be possible in my creative process, but I think next go-round with a novel, I’m going to focus more on 1k a day than on 2 or 3.  That might be a good start.

I submitted my first short story of the year, and I am eagerly awaiting my rejection for that one.  And suddenly from my readers I hear, “Don’t count yourself out!  It could be accepted!”

Technically, yes.

But I feel better when I assume rejection.  Makes it hurt a bit less.  One day, I’ll refine a short story or novel enough that it will be published.  I have to believe this.  And then I will allow myself glimpses of hope.  Until then, it’s safer for me to assume failure, but hope for the best.

Off to drink a cup of coffee before it is time to begin writing (and hopefully come up with something to write).  Have a great day everyone.  Be merry.


2 thoughts on “Time for Change

  1. When it comes to my work in the world of fiction:

    I find that when you try to force it, I actually get less done than when I don’t. That is – if I make the statment, I am going to write for this long today – I end up not writing anything. On the other hand, if I forget about time, and just let it flow it seems to go much more smoothly.


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