Renee: The brave

Tonight I had one of the best writers I know look over a flash fiction piece I wrote last week, and she said she thought it was good.   I don’t think she was blowing smoke up my ass when she said it, so tonight I tweaked a word choice here and there, and sent it out.

This time, I did things with the submission process a bit differently:

  1. I researched and chose an appropriate market.
  2. I read the submission guidelines VERY carefully
  3. I realized that online markets are JUST AS VALID as print markets

Usually, I submit my stories to the big two or three paying markets first, and by the third rejection to a market that is almost possible to break into, I am so disheartened that the story goes back to just hanging out on my hard drive.

The market I sent to tonight is not as well established, and is online only, but it pays a bit.  Not enough to party down, but enough to provide some validation.

I don’t know if I will be accepted or not, but I am trying.  And with this story, I have a bit more hope.  I hope I find out one way or the other quickly, but their return time says three to eight weeks.  I will try very hard to not check my email 300 million times a day in the interim.



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