Something vague and something new

You know what I’m bad at?  Basketball, maintaining socially appropriate conversations, and new year’s resolutions.  Like, super bad at those things.

So I decided I’d get through the last dreaded thing of the year, Christmas with my extended family, and go ahead and start my new year on December 26th.  I don’t actually tend to make specific resolutions, well, ever, and this year is no different.

2012 (or December 26, 2011 through some far point in 2012, whatever) is going to be my year to Reduce.

“What the fuck does that mean?”  you ask me.

First, there’s no call for that kind of language.  We’re classy up in this bitch.  Second, I’m referring mostly in the environmental “Three R’s” sort of reduce.  I’m actually pretty kick ass at recycling, and I’m not a terrible reuser, but reduction?  No.  I’m a MORE THINGS sort of girl.   I’d insert a representative photo here, but it would just be one of me holding a lot of things yelling “More things!!”  I think we’re all better than that.

My first area of focus will be in food.  I read an infographic the other day detailing food waste.  If you don’t feel like clicking, it says that the average person wastes 253 lbs of food per year.  I automatically jumped on a pretty high horse about how shameful such waste is, but then I realized I would definitely fall into average, if no above average, waste of food.

I want to do better with that. I think that I can. It has been five days since I made that resolution, and on this first day of the New Year, I am beginning to think I will.


2 thoughts on “Something vague and something new

  1. It sounds like a high number, and I don’t think I’m that high, but know that I throw out a lot of food. Just thinking of when I eat out and don’t have enough for a doggie bag and just let the store throw it out. Or the food in the fridge that I don’t finish before it goes bad.

    I need to get better at this, too.

    Good luck with NaBloPoMo!

  2. I love the way you think. I have been practicing reducing reusing and recycling for the past couple years. I continue to refine my efforts. We don’t waste much food around here but that is one place that I could continue to improve. Have a blessed new year.

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