A week in the making of things

I don’t have a lot of words in my head today, so I thought I’d do a quick photo post of the things I’ve made in the past week.  This is a pretty small selection, but I got bored with adding photos to the post.    Last Thursday, I took some discarded, unframed cork sheeting and made a scrap paper frame.  I burned myself with hot glue three times.  Given the number of glued sections, I think I win.


On Friday, I made a shelf using a broken bread slicing box and some macrame cord.  There were no injuries to report.


On late Monday night/early Tuesday, I was inspired by The Bloggess to make a silver ribbon.  This one is made from a bent headpin threaded with silver chain.  I didn’t make the typewriter pendant, though.  That came from Etsy years ago.

Tuesday evening, I made a pretty face for the camera while wearing a skin-clearing mask.  Very very pretty.  You are welcome.


And today, I hung up a pretty bowl my mom brought me from her trip to Costa Rica and the macrame plant hanger I made a few months back.  Bitchin’ onion storage solution, though when the weather warms, I won’t want to keep onions so near the window, I’m guessing.


There was a dedicated lack of coherent content in this post, but if you stuck with me to the end, all of the above crafts (minus the making of a pretty face) were part of my exploration of creative reuse in the house.  I’m trying to take all those “I’ll use this for something someday” things in my house and either figure out that something, or pass the thing along to someone who will love it.


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