I need a win

Last week, I posted about my craft cabinet, and how it shows my record of not following through with tasks.  Today, I decided to try to clean that sucker out.  It didn’t go well.  I found some stamps and ink pads I was willing to get rid of, some mail that never belonged there in the first place, and found a piece of board that will make a most excellent doormat for the weird mystery door that I want to put into my blocked up fireplace.  (Seriously, it’ll be adorable.  I have quite a few friends that will probably try to open the door when I’m not looking.  My people are curious.)

Oh, the potential!

This meager attempt at destashing means that, though there has been improvement, the craft cabinet still looks like this.

Improvement? Technically. I guess.

Realizing that I can’t let go of all the potential contained therein without a fight, I am making a rule for myself.  I am going to enter a state of heightened productivity, forgoing my puzzle games that I play when I’m bored or stressed, and instead working on a project from that cabinet every day.  I will pick one, finish it, put away the tools involved in making it (or put them in the giveaway pile if I don’t need them anymore), and give away or put away whatever I made.  Then I move onto the next one.

The first project I’ve chosen from the pile is this scarf:

It is possible that I've been working on this since the beginning of time.

I  realized a little over halfway through that I don’t care for the colors or the pattern.  Someone will love it, just not me.  I tried to give it away to anyone in my knitting group, but no one wanted to finish such an intensive small-gauge project either.   I am going to work a few more repeats on it, bind it off, and send it to my friend who puts together emergency bags with supplies for local people in need.  It’s a beautiful scarf, it’s just not meant for me.

And finishing it will be a win.  Then I can pull something else out of that cabinet, make it into something amazing, and pass that on too.  Happy Monday, everyone.


One thought on “I need a win

  1. That’s actually a great idea to tidy up and reduce your cabinet. One, you’re making things and giving them away which is nice in it’s own. Two, your actually seeing what you use and don’t. That way you know what you use and what you can toss.

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