I Need a Win 2: Still Winning after all these … Day

I realized after I published my post yesterday one of the main things that has been tanking my mood lately.  I’m having some Self-Awareness Fatigue.  Part of what has previously caused me to fail with resolutions (New Year’s and otherwise) as any major life improvement, for me, requires a lot of reflection on why what I was doing previously wasn’t working.  After awhile, I get tired of looking at all my physical and metaphorical scars, my poorly-trained thought patterns, and all the other flaws that make up a significant portion of how I live my life.

After a few weeks, it all becomes an internal battle between loving myself for who I am and trying to be the best I can be, and absolutely loathing everything from my opinionated statements to the blackheads on the side of my nose to the sound of my own breathing.  Yesterday was a day where the loathing was beating up on the loving.  So I decided to finish the neverending scarf.

It finally ended.

Now that that is blocking, I had to decide on another long-delayed project from the craft cabinet/hellpit of making shit.  So speaking of hellpit:

Motherfucking rug-hooked pineapple, yo. Hardcore.

I can’t remember why I wanted to rug hook a pineapple, and I have no guesses as to how long ago I started this thing.  I picked up the kit at a Fiber Festival, maybe in Ohio, maybe in Wisconsin, maybe from the depths of home decor’s nightmares.  But here it is, a rug-hooked pineapple.  Or some of it.

By the rules of the challenge, until I finish this thing, I can’t work on anything else.   I’m hoping that is motivation enough to finish it quickly, because seriously.  Rug-hooked pineapple.




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