An embarrassment of complaining

I’ve been a moody little cuss the past few days, but I seem to be recovering from that thanks to a steady diet of learning to the fuck up about it.  Unfortunately, days of quieting my awful inner monologue means that I didn’t have a lot of other rich inner life shit out of which to create my wonderfully witty posts.  Or really bad posts.  Whatever.

So instead, today, I give you a list of what’s coming up in my world.

  1. I signed up for NYC Midnight’s short story challenge, and that begins tomorrow.  I’ve been involved in a few of their past contests, and managed to win the 100 Character Micro-fiction contest back in the summer.  It’s all good fun, and the prompts tend to get my creativity fueled for a few months after any challenge.  Win either way.
  2. I finished the unending scarf, and the rug-hooked pineapple.  I’ve now moved on to deciding what the next finished project will be, but my marathon rug-hooking session (I initially left out the rug from that phrase and it had a whole new meaning) left me with a weirdly sore and swollen middle finger, so I have to wait before I can craft again.  I used to be terrified of amputation, but now I’m only afraid of losing my middle finger.  I use it a lot.  Crafting.  Flipping birds.  Flipping OFF birds (fuckin’ birds).
  3. I picked up a case for my phone today.  And some earbuds.  But the earbuds suck so I’m taking them back to the store.  I know you wanted to know.  You are welcome.
  4. I am starting to crave the creation of some visual art.  I’m bad at art, but it’s all I can think about.  I’ll draw some stick figures soon, or something.



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