When you love someone …

The saying goes, when you love someone, you must set them free. I have always had a very “fuck that” attitude about this cliche.  Most cliches actually.   I wasn’t born yesterday, so I avoid them like the plague.  *winky*

Also, fuck adorable wall decorations that I got at the best antique/junk shop in town. Fuck them all.

Tonight, though, I was pondering some stuff, deep and not deep, and at least some of it cliche.  Last year, I was having an amazingly awful horrible no good time.  I felt awful, alone, and abandoned (which is actually subtly different from being alone).    Many of my dearest friends, not knowing how to deal with that, chose not to.  To be very clear, I did not then nor do I now blame them in any way for that.

Back then, I knew they had abandoned me because I was not worth their time.

When I came out of that rough time, leading up to tonight, I realize that they hadn’t abandoned me at all, they just didn’t know what, if anything, to do.  I don’t give a lot of clues as to what will help me, because I often don’t have a clue myself.

I love these people.

And back to my initial title and sentence, I don’t want to let them go.

Tonight, a friend of mine called to ask how I was doing, because she knew I’d been hijacked by a stomach virus over the weekend.  Another friend played a rousing game of “I can post the best ‘You’re the Best’ song on your Facebook wall.”  She won by a landslide.  Then rubbed the victory in my face with an extra post of this:


I will not let such good people go, cliches be damned.  I have cut loose many people from my life that I shouldn’t have.

I will love them, and I will let them grow.  And if they ever wanted to go, that would be their choice.

But I would hope they’d come back.  Because my people.  My loves.  They do it like nobody does.


One thought on “When you love someone …

  1. Damn iPad. No flash, so the video doesn’t play. But, at least I could type a curse word in my response, just for you. I’m glad you’ve come back to your friends. They sound patient and cool.

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