Best Birthday Card Ever

Continuing with my “best __ ever” posts, the image below is from the birthday card my husband made for me.  I’m going to be making merry this evening, so if I don’t post now, it probably won’t happen.

Inside of birthday card

It takes someone who really knows me to make something this perfect.  He’s the best guy ever.  Inside the card, there’s an envelope attaches that says “I heard you lke cards, so here is a card in your card.”

You open that card, there’s another photo that is captioned, “hey girl, I’m not objectifyin’, you’re just objecti-FINE.”  And another envelope with another card.


And inside that card, was a beautiful, personal message that had me crying over my cuppa coffee this morning.  Happy Birthday tears.


Without a doubt, he is the most amazing human being I have ever met in my life, and I am so honored that I get to keep getting older with him.


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