Food Photo Post

A weekend of absolute birthday merriment meant I pretty much failed to post.  I’m collecting my thoughts on a few of the weekend’s events, but those posts will happen either later or never, depending on my attention span.

So since I haven’t refilled the words in my head enough to do a good post, here’s a random smattering of foods from the past four days.

My homemade sprinkle-filled birthday cake, courtesy of Christina Tosi’s book, Momofuku Milk Bar.  It was delicious.   The girl cutting the cake  was mocking my poor cake cutting capabilities by cutting all the pieces into odd shapes from all around the edge.  She did very well.

Birthday cake

For Sunday brunch, I made champagne waffles with blood orange syrup.  My waffles always come out ugly, but the syrup was gorgeous.

Blood orange syrup

Today, my new soup pot arrived.  It’s made of light cast iron and enameled.  It makes me very giddy.

New light cast iron soup pot

So of course, I had to make soup. White bean and noodle vegetarian soup.

White bean and noodle soup

And finally, though this was the first photo taken all weekend, I saved it for the end. This is a container of ham. Parking lot ham. In a parking lot. Parking lot ham dated from the week before. I did not bring it home.

Parking lot ham


Tomorrow, I’m going to try my hand at making seitan.  Peace.


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