New month, new series

Every other month through 2015, I am doing a daily art challenge.  I pick a theme before the beginning of the month and create an illustration that suits that theme each day.  In October, 2014, you can go back and see that the theme was robots.  In February, I created a series of pictures about a little square bird called Sometimes Bird.

And now we find ourselves into April.

This month, I am telling the tale of Crow and Tiny Octopus, their friendship, and their struggles.  I am not entirely certain where the story is heading, but I hope to make a complete tale out of it.  I am composing words to go with the images separately.

After the bright colorful nature of Sometimes Bird, I wanted to take a month to draw something slightly moodier.  To do that, I am limiting my colors to black and gray, with one pop of a bright color each day.

It’s a challenge, but I look forward to sharing more of it here as the month progresses.