Numbers and satellites and holidays and I’m probably coming off as crazy here

You know what I like?  New stuff.  New foods, new experiences, new technology, new ideas, and new people with whom I can make their acquaintance.  New stuff absolutely rocks my world.  If I have ever claimed innovation fatigue, I was probably just feeling cranky.  The only category of new I can think of solidly that I will refuse to like is that of new horror movies.  And that is because I’m a big weenie.  And new horror movies suck.  It’s just the facts, y’all.

Right now, we have a new moon.  Yay!

What I’m saying is, new stuff is pretty awesome.

Also, I like numbers.  For the longest time, I never really had a lucky number.  It comes back to when someone asks me to name my favorite x (x being animal, plant, food, book, song, etc) .  How can I pick just one?  They’re all so cool, and for so many reasons.  Ultimately, though, I can narrow it down to two numbers.  Three and Seven.   So I like 37 and and 73 and any combination of those digits, as long as they are both there.  The challenge comes in when trying to pick out what day of the month I would then like best, because there is no 37 on the calendar.  Over time, I realized that 23 is my favorite calendar day.  I guess the two looks enough like a seven?  I don’t know.  As I said.  Crazy.

I like 23 so much that I moved my alternate birthday to June 23 (from February 10, because February is the worst month ever.  Cold.  Gray.  Dismal.  That’s why it’s the shortest month, because everyone hates it.)

So today, I’ve got my new (in the moon) and my stand-in favorite number (23).  Also, it’s the beginning of the Chinese New Year.  Not my tradition, but it’s a whole lot of people celebrating the new.

Every bit of this post could and should be explained in a way that doesn’t make me seem quite so … we’ll go with quirky, but I need to be working on a short story for a competition, and then I need to make dinner for some friends who are coming over.  I simply don’t have the time to seem like a functioning and totally not crazy member of society right now.

Plus, I love the word crazy.  Way more fun than going by a diagnosis all the time.


Also, I can’t seem to find a good way to end this.  I don’t want anyone to think I’m making light of mental health issues.  I am actually diagnosed bipolar.


But really, doesn’t crazy seem more fun?




One thought on “Numbers and satellites and holidays and I’m probably coming off as crazy here

  1. I LOVE new stuff! I drive a new route any time I can. I eat only that which I’ve never eaten when I go out. I rather watch a new bad movie than see a good movie twice (except for horror movies. Eff horror movies.) My favorite number is 13. And 3. And any combination thereof. I haven’t been diagnosed, but crazy? Oh yes, I’m crazy.

    I love your post!

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